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Combo Tours

(Fuerte Amador, Balboa, Colon, Cristobal, Panama City)

When you travel, your time seems to fly away!!! Yet, we have the perfect solution when visiting Panama's Central and Canal region with our Combo Tours!

Hit two birds with one stone! Panama's Central and Canal region offers a good deal of cultural and nature tours that are available in combination for your advantage: less money and less time for MORE FUN in Panama!!

You can choose to check out the historical sites of Panama La Vieja and Casco Viejo, World Heritage sites by UNESCO, in an interesting journey to the different phases that Panama City went through in order to become the fascinating urban center it is today! Or get out of the paved roads and head to Panama's jungle in a cultural and nature venture that will allow you to experience Panama's wildlife by exploring the Monkey Island of Lake Gatun and experience a true cultural exchange by visiting a genuine indigenous tribe, the Wounaans, who have kept their customs and traditions almost intact since pre-Columbian times after secluding themselves in the Darien, and now welcome us to share their history, culture and heritage -part of Panama's origin and cultural richness.

Panama is full of wonders. At your Activities Specialists it is our task to find the absolute best activities out there, you choose how to live them! Wait no longer and book today one of our combo tours for double the fun!!

El Valle de Anton Explorer

El Valle de Anton Explorer

El Valle de Anton has it all and you can choose your own adventure combo from a variety of activities sure to please the entire family regardless of their interests.
Length: 9 hours.
Includes: hiking, waterfalls, a small zoo and mysterious petroglyphs.

Fort Portobelo, San Lorenzo, and Canal Historical Tour

Fort Portobelo, Fort Sherman, and Panama Canal Historical Tour

Fort Portobelo, Fort Sherman, the Panama Canal; this combo tour packs in all of the Panama Canal regions history into a full day of discovery!
Length: 10 hours*.
Includes: Transportation, Guide, Fees, Gatun Locks, Chagres National Park, Fort Sherman, Fort Portobelo.

Monkey Island & Indian Village Tour

Monkey Island & Indian Village Combo Tour

This combination of Wildlife, Nature and Indigenous Cultures is sure to please the whole family!
Length: 8 hours.
Includes: Transportation, Guide, Boat, Indian Village.

Panama City and Canal Tour

Panama City & Canal Tour

This combo guarantees you can check off all the 'must see' and 'must do' activities off your list of Panama City all in one day.
Length: 8 hours.
Includes: Transportation, Guide, Full Entrance Fees to Miraflores Locks, Punta Culebra, Ancon Hill, Casco Viejo.

Panama City Past to Present Combo Tour

Panama City Past to Present Combo Tour

Combine the histories of Panama La Vieja & Casco Viejo and you have the keystone that created the present day Panama City leading to the eventual construction of the Panama Canal. A great starting point to your vacation.
Length: 4 hours.
Includes: Transportation, Entrance Fees, Bi-lingual Guide.