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Bocas Del Toro Tours

(Bocas del Toro, Bocas Town & Isla Colon)

The highlight of the Northwest Caribbean of Panama is the archipelago of Bocas Del Toro. Located near the border of Costa Rica, this stop off point for travelers exploring Central America has evolved into probably the most visited areas for tourism in Panama aside from the Panama Canal. The main island of Colon hosts Bocas Town, which is filled with restaurants and shops built out over the water, and also offers a vivacious nightlife scene that is legendary among backpackers. During the day most beaches are accessible by bike or bus and there are also ATV rentals to move around for those more adventurous.

Departing the Isla Colon you can explore the Caribbean and the best it has to offer. Just a short water taxi away you can find yourself in a whole other world, Isla Bastimentos. With its protected marine park, Bastimentos National Park is a safe haven lined with mangroves protecting the coral reef and the perfect beaches for sea turtles nesting grounds after their long journey from Nicaragua. A little further out is the Zapatilla Cays, some of the most breathtaking islands in Bocas Del Toro.

Whether by water taxi, sailboat, catamaran or the watersport of your choice, we recommend you explore as much of the archipelago as you can fit into your Panama vacation. Snorkel along the edges of the mangroves surrounded islands enjoying the spectacular coral reef and fish only found in this protected region of Panama. Sail out and witness the dolphin mothers teaching their young to swim and hunt in the shallow protected waters of Dolphin Bay. Or surf the backside of Colon or Carenero Islands.

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