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With its crystal clear Caribbean Sea and calm protected waters on the interior, and the excellent waves for surfing the exterior, the archipelago of Bocas Del Toro is the Mecca for water sports in Panama!

Pangas, Kayaks and SUP and surf boards well outnumber the amount of cars on the main island, and most of the islands do not even have streets and cars. Needless to say in a land where water traffic rules, water sports rein king as well.

The most beloved of all water sports in Bocas Del Toro is of course the legendary surfing. In fact you can probably find some of the best surfing in Panama here in Bocas Del Toro. The variety of lefts, rights, barrels, beach breaks, reef breaks and some seriously challenging big waves like Silverbacks entice surfers from all over the world to test the skills in Bocas Del Toro’s surf.

If you are a first-timer, a rusty old-timer, or a professional adventurer seeking the best surf breaks in Bocas Del Toro, our surf instructors will ensure you experience the best surfing Panama has to offer.

Choose from our selection or Bocas Del Toro Water Sports below and discover the best in Panama!

Surfing & Watersport Tours

Bocas Del Toro Surf Lessons

1 Day Surf Lessons

Learn to surf in Bocas Del Toro on your Panama vacation! Whether it is your first time surfing, or you are a bit rusty and need some brushen up on your skills, our Bocas Del Toro surf guides will ensure that you have the best time surfing in Panama.

  • Adult/Children:
  • Retail: $45.00

  • Real Deal: $45.00

3 Day Surf Lessons in Bocas Del Toro

3 Day Surf Lessons

Master the waves in 3 days! By the end of your Bocas Del Toro vacation, our expert surf guides will have you surfing in Panama like a pro!

  • Adult/Children:
  • Retail: $110.00

  • Real Deal: $105.00

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