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The Gulf of Chiriqui National Marine Park used to be one of Panama's best kept secrets, but now that Boquete has grown into a world-class destination, more and more visitors are venturing out to explore the 25 islands that make up the Parque Nacional Golfo de Chiriqui. Jump on one of our Gulf of Chiriqui Boat tours departing Boquete and come see Panama's hidden gem for yourself.

Just a short scenic drive from Boquete brings you to Boca Chica, a small fishing village on the Pacific coast just outside of David. Boca Chica is the gateway to the Gulf of Chiriqui and the starting point for most of the boat tours in Chiriqui. Encompassing over 36,000 acres of coral reef, rocky outcrops & swampy mangroves, Chiriqui National Marine Park is a protected refuge for for both Leatherback and Hawksbill sea turtles. The Gulf of Chiriqui is home to large pelagic fish, white-tipped sharks and on the migration path of Humpback whales who can be spotted daily between July and October. Rocky outcrops are the perfect refuge for hundreds of colorful tropical fish you will find while snorkeling in the crystal clear water, and Isla Bolaños and Isla Gamez are the perfect refuge for hammock loving tourists.

The Real Deal tours offers you the best deals in Panama on the best tours in Boquete. Choose from our selection of Chiriqui boat tours departing Boquete, grab your camera and get out there and explore the hidden beauty of Panama, Gulf of Chiriqui National Marine Park.

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Gulf of Chiriqui Snorkel & Island Hopping

Gulf of Chiriqui Snorkel & Island Hopping

The Gulf of Chiriqui National Marine Park encompasses 14,000 hectares of protected coral reef, mangroves, crystal blue waters and 25 small islands that provide a favorite refuge for sea turtles, white-tipped sharks, tiger herons, thousands of tropical fish and even migrating whales. Join our Gulf of Chiriqui Snorkel & Island Hopping tour departing from Boquete and discover the best of Panama!

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