Boquete Rock Climbing and Rappelling Tours


(Rock Climbing Boquete, Chiriqui Highlands)

The Chiriqui Highlands is one of the most breathtaking regions of Panama. What is more breathtaking is experiencing it dangling by a rope 75 feet off the ground. One of the fastest growing sports in the region, Boquete Rock Climbing has quickly become one of the top "must do" activities in Boquete, if not the entire country of Panama.

Although Rock Climbing is considered by most an extreme sport, the amazing basalt rock formations found uniquely in this region of Panama paired with extremely patient and professional guides have made it possible for rock climbing enthusiasts of all ages to participate. Yes, you read that right, rock climbing in Boquete is considered a family sport in Boquete. Boquete Rock Climbing offers beginner, intermediate, and advanced routes for all skill levels.

For those true extremists, there are Rock Climbing routes that not only will enable you to push the limits, but Boquete Rock climbing also offers activities such as Hiking and Rappelling Circuits, free climbing without ropes over water (Water Solo Bouldering) and full day excursions that involve scaling and then leaping from waterfalls.

Still not sure if Rock Climbing in Panama is for you? Read about one of our Activities Specialists first time rock climbing in Boquete in her blog.

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Boquete Rock Climbing and Rappelling Tours

Boquete Guided Rock Climbing

Boquete Guided Rock Climbing

From beginner to expert rock climbing, Boquete rock climbing offers daily guided adventures to explore the unique volcanic basalt rock formation of the Chiriqui highlands.

  • Adult/Children:
  • Retail: $45.00

  • Real Deal: $41.00

Deep Water Solo Bouldering

Deep Water Solo Bouldering

Water Solo Bouldering, or water soloing is both the most thrilling and the most challenging type of rock climbing in Panama. No ropes, no harness...just you, your strength and determination is all that keeps you from falling a few meters into the safety net of the river below. Learn from the best rock climbing guide in Panama on this Water Solo Bouldering tour in Boquete.

  • Adult:
  • Retail: $55.00

  • Real Deal: $50.00

Jä Wäkta Waterfall Rappelling & Slacklining

Jä Wäkta Waterfall Rappelling & Slacklining

Jä Wäkta Waterfall Hiking and Rappelling tour has it all. Climb the rock walls, dive into pools, practice walking a tight-rope, swing on a vine like tarzan, and even rappelling into a waterfall; this is not your average hiking tour in Boquete! Let the best rock climbing guides in Panama take you to discover this hidden treasure on this unforgettable hiking, slacklining and rappelling excursion in Boquete.

  • Adult/Children (12+):
  • Retail: $85.00

  • Real Deal: $77.00

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