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Sightseeing & Cultural Tours

The Chiriqui Highlands are rich with indigenous culture, agriculture, gardens, zoos and breathtaking views of the valleys and mountains. Exploring the region on a Boquete sightseeing and cultural tour a "must do" for just about everyone visiting Panama who want to venture outside of this small city and not miss out on the best of Boquete.

Sightseeing and cultural tours in Boquete pretty much all incorporate nature & agriculture. Looming high above the Boquete Valley is the Volcano Baru at well over 11,000 ft where the cloud forests provide home for the several hundred species of birds and other wildlife. Boquete, or "Valley of Flowers" truly earned its name and that is evident as soon as you descend into the valley and become overwhelmed with the scent of flowers, citrus fruits and dazzling color peeking through the valley floor of this stunning cloud forest in Panama.

The true pride of the Boquete Highlands is the coffee grown here. The cool climates and rich volcanic soil from the Volcano Baru lend to some of the best (and most expensive) coffee beans in the world. A trip to Boquete would not be complete without a coffee tour at one of the many coffee plantations in the region.

We invite you to come see why so many ex-pats have made Boquete their second home. Sign up for one of our discounted Boquete sightseeing tours today and fall in love yourself!

Sightseeing & Cultural Tours

Boquete Coffee Tour

Boquete Coffee Tour

Most of us can make our morning cup of copy blindfolded, but did you know how much work is involved in getting that coffee bean to be the perfect aroma and taste so you can get your favorite caffeine fix every morning? Come along with us on our Boquete Boquete Coffee Tour to a coffee plantation in Panama and learn to appreciate the source of your morning cup o' java!

  • 1 Person:
  • Retail: $45.00

  • Real Deal: $41.00

  • 2-4 People:
  • Retail: $30.00

  • Real Deal: $27.00

  • 5-14 People:
  • Retail: $25.00

  • Real Deal: $23.00

Cloud Forest & Coffee Jeep Safari

Cloud Forest & Coffee Jeep Safari

Discover the mystical cloud forests and get a taste of the pride and joy of Panama, Boquete coffee beans! Our Cloud Forest & Coffee Jeep Safari combines nature and agriculture into a fun-filled half day tour in Boquete.

  • Adult/Child:
  • Retail: $65.00

  • Real Deal: $60.00

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