Panama Canal Tours and Activities


Panama Canal Tours and Activities

(Panama Canal, Panama City & Panama Cruise Ports)

The main attraction in Panama is obviously the Panama Canal and the Miraflores & Gatun Locks. Book your Panama Canal tours with us and learn ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING about this stunning testimony of men's extraordinary capabilities. The humongous undertaking of the Panama Canal took two different countries investing billions of resources and thousands of lives during its construction; yet the end result changed the world's geographic, geopolitical and economic relations like nothing before. If you are visiting Panama City, a tour of Panama Canal should be the top of your bucket list.

A shorter, safer, faster and CHEAPER route for ships to cross from the Atlantic to the Pacific and vice versa (nowadays about 15000 ships a year!) integrated the world economy and, as a byproduct, opened new horizons for people traveling across the continent (just ask the cruise ships following the Panama Canal route!!). Notwithstanding the Panama Canal's importance for international trade and economics; it is its incomparable beauty that has made the Panama Canal THE emblematic tourist destination in Panama by far. If you are coming on a cruise ship, a Panama Canal shore excursion is a MUST!

Below is our top pick of Panama Canal tours available from this region. Learn a few fun facts about the Panama Canal then choose your favorite knowing you are getting the best deals on the best tours in Panama. Book online and save!

Panama Canal Tours and Activities

Monkey Island + Sloth Sanctuary Panama

Monkey Island + Sloth Sanctuary Panama

There is no more important place to visit in Panama than the Panama Canal of course. But learning about the importance of the ecosystem that keeps water flowing through the canal is even more fascinating. Combine a visit to Monkey Island on the Panama Canal with a guided tour in the Gamboa Sloth Sanctuary on the shores of Lake Gatun into this wildly wonderful money saving combo tour from Panama City.

  • Adult:
  • Retail: $109.00

  • Real Deal: $104.00

  • Child:
  • Retail: $54.00

  • Real Deal: $51.00

Monkey Island & Indian Village Combo Tour

Monkey Island & Indian Village Combo Tour

There is an entirely different history of the Panama Canal you probably did not know much about. The Embera Wounaan indigenous tribes that dot the shoreline between Lake Gatun and all along the Chagres River. The indigenous share their land with an abundance of white-face capuchinand howler monkeys that tend to congregate at Monkey Island, right along the Panama Canal. So come see the wild side of Panama Canal on our Monkey Island Indigenous Village combo.

  • Adult:
  • Retail: $120.00

  • Real Deal: $110.00

  • Children (5-10):
  • Retail: $60.00

  • Real Deal: $55.00

Panama City & Canal Tour

Panama City & Canal Tour

Avoid over crowded bus tours and experience all the best highlights the city has to offer!
Length: 8 hours.
Includes: Transportation, Guide, Full Entrance Fees to Miraflores Locks, Punta Culebra, Ancon Hill, Casco Viejo.

  • Adult:
  • Retail: $90.00

  • Real Deal: $85.00

  • Children:
  • Retail: $65.00

  • Real Deal: $60.00

Jungle Land Floating Lodge Panama Canal Tour

Jungle Land Floating Lodge Panama Canal Tour

Swimming, kayaking, fishing, and wildlife: departing from the Gamboa Rainforest, we will make our way up the Panama Canal to a unique floating lodge where you can experience it all in this full day tour.
Length: 6.5 hours.
Includes: Transportation, Guide, Entrance Fees, Kayaking, lunch.

  • Adult:
  • Retail: $115.00

  • Real Deal: $109.00

  • Children (6-12):
  • Retail: $59.00

  • Real Deal: $56.00

Miraflores Locks Express Tour

Miraflores Locks Express Tour

Skip right to the most important man-made marvel in the Americas, the Panama Canal Locks at Miraflores.
Length: 3 hours.
Includes: Transportation, Fees, Museum, Exhibits, & Short Historical Film.

  • Adult/Children:
  • Retail: $70.00

  • Real Deal: $65.00

Fort Sherman, San Lorenzo, and Panama Canal History Tour

Deep Boarding Snorkeling Tour Bocas Del Toro

Explore the same location where the battles between the Pirates of the Caribbean and the Spanish began. This fascinating historical tour is truly unique.
Length: 10 hours*.
Includes: Transportation, Guide, Fees, Agua Clara Locks, Chagres National Park, Fort San Lorenzo, Fort Sherman.

  • Adult:
  • Retail: $165.00

  • Real Deal: $160.00

Panama Canal Partial Transit

Panama Canal Partial Transit

Hop aboard one of our spacious boats and navigate through the locks of the Panama Canal by boat in just half a day. This partial transit of the Panama Canal offers a trip through 2 of the 3 locks, giving you a great feel for this storied landmark. Experience for yourself what is arguably the greatest feat of engineering on Earth, and still make it back by dinner!

  • Adult:
  • Retail: $150.00

  • Real Deal: $145.00

  • Child (Under 12):
  • Retail: $95.00

  • Real Deal: $93.00

Panama Canal Full Transit

Panama Canal Full Transit

If you’ve got a Bucket List item to check in Panama, we are willing to bet traveling the Panama Canal in a boat made your list. Well we are here to help you check crossing the Panama Canal off your list. Hop aboard our large comfortable boat and enjoy the guided historical tour on as you make your way between the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean. The Panama Canal Transit is a full day tour including both breakfast and lunch as you navigate Lake Gatun, Chagres River and 3 sets of Locks. A once in a lifetime experience you will only find in Panama

  • Adult:
  • Retail: $195.00

  • Real Deal: $186.00

  • Child (Under 12):
  • Retail: $105.00

  • Real Deal: $98.00

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