Taboga & The Pearl Islands Panama


(Pearl Islands Departing Panama City)

Ready to take a break from your history lesson and get back to your relaxing vacation? Taboga Island, or the “Island of Flowers” and the archipelago of islands that make up the Pearl Islands, Islas Perlas are a true Panamanian gem and the perfect reminder that you are on your tropical holiday away from the metropolis of Panama City. You can even escape for just one day on one of our Pearl Island Beach Breaks or Taboga Island getaways thanks to the help of the newly emerging high speed ferries.

Probably the most well-known island in the Pearl Islands is Contadora Island, or Isla Contadora. Unless of course you are a real fan of the “Survivor” Reality TV shows….then of course Mogo Mogo is the most recognized Pearl Island for you! Once used by Spain to count their riches collected from the Americas before sailing on to Spain, Contadora Island is ironically now home to some of the wealthiest Panamanians and one of few Pearl Islands to host resorts and its own airport. Isla Contadora is also a great jumping point for great whale watching and snorkeling tours in the Pearl Islands.

Not technically part of the Pearl Islands, Taboga Island stands alone in the Gulf of Panama, but now it is just a short trip from the city on a super-fast ferry. Literally within 30 minutes of leaving the Amador Causeway, you can view the fantastic Panama City skyline while sipping cocktails in the sunshine from the pristine beach on our Taboga Island Beach Break. Watersports, snorkeling, fishing, nature hikes and visiting the small town hosting a small population of only 800 people are all very popular activities on this island full of pirate folklore. When the tide is right, you can even wander out to Moro Island or visit a pirate grave site!

Whether sailing the archipelago, taking a fast ferry to Taboga, whale watching in Contadora or snorkeling the rocky outcrops, visiting the Pearl Islands & Taboga Island in the Gulf of Panama are not to be missed.

Taboga & The Pearl Islands Panama

Pearl Islands Whale Watching & Chapera Beach Break

Pearl Islands Panama Whale Watching & Chapera Island Beach Break

Board a double decker catamaran and cruise out to the Pearl Islands in search of the majestic Humpback Whales. Top that with a BBQ on board and a beach break at Playa Cacique on Chapera Island and you have one of the best whale watching tours in Panama. This discounted whale watching tour runs Certain Days only from July to September, so book your space now!

  • Adult:
  • Retail: $150.00

  • Real Deal: $135.00

  • Children (3-12):
  • Retail: $100.00

  • Real Deal: $90.00

Taboga Island One Day Tour

Taboga Island One Day Tour

Discover more of the culture and intriguing history that surrounds Panama City in our Taboga Island One Day Tour to the Pearl Islands! Take a break from the traffic and glide away from the skyscrapers on our Taboga Island Express Fast Ferry to one of the best beach breaks in Panama.

  • Adult:
  • Retail: $65.00

  • Real Deal: $65.00

  • Child (4-12):
  • Retail: $49.00

  • Real Deal: $49.00

Whale Watching Pearl Islands & Isla Bolaños Beach Break

Panama Whale Watching Pearl Islands & Isla Bolaños Beach Break

Join the pioneers of whale watching in Panama on our comfortable fast ferry while we seek whales in the Pearl Islands. Listen to the whale songs from the hydrophone, then stop for lunch on the secluded beaches of one of the Pearl Islands best kept secrets, Isla Bolaños. Limited spaces on weekends only from July through September.

  • Adult:
  • Retail: $175.00

  • Real Deal: $165.00

  • Child (5-11):
  • Retail: $155.00

  • Real Deal: $145.00

Panama City Boat Rentals - 27' Proline

Panama City Boat Rentals - 27' Proline

If you would like to plan a Pearl Islands Panama day trip, there is no better way than on your own private Panama boat rental. Perfect for groups of friends, family, or even an epic Panama City bachelor party. A private Panama Yacht adventure can’t be beat. Book your private Pearl Islands yacht excursion today!

  • 4 Hours:
  • Retail: $480.00

  • Real Deal: $450.00

  • 6 to 8 Hours:
  • Retail: $720.00

  • Real Deal: $680.00

  • 8 Hours:
  • Retail: $1,152.00

  • Real Deal: $1,100.00

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