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With the Panama Canal the central focus of this region, it is no wonder there are a wealth of activities and excursion that include various boat tours from Panama City. Panama Boat Tours include a vast array of opportunities to explore this amazing region via boat. Whether you prefer safari style nature tours by boat in the Panama Canal, navigating small canals on a kayak, island hopping in San Blas or yacht charters in the bay with the city skyline as the backdrop, there is a boat tour in Panama for everyone.

Don't just watch the ships go through the locks in the Panama Canal, join them on one of the many boat tours that allow you to travel alongside these massive giants along the Panama Canal and some even let you experience the locks themselves! The canal watershed offers all sorts of boating activities such as kayaking, nature and wildlife tours by boat, and also boat fishing on Lake Gatun.

This region of Panama is also the narrowest part of the isthmus which means you are just an hour away in either direction to snorkeling and boat tours in both the Caribbean and Pacific sides of Panama. The Real Deal Tours offers you only the best boat tours in Panama so you know you are getting the best deals on anything you book. Take a look at the selection of the boat tours from Panama City below and start planning your vacation fun today!

Boat Tours

Monkey Island Tour

Jungle Land Floating Lodge Panama Canal Tour

Discover the wild side of Panama just a short journey outside of the city! This half day adventure packs it all in just a few hours.
Length: 4 hours.
Includes: Transportation, Guide, Eco-tour by boat on Lake Gatun

  • Adult:
  • Retail: $100.00

  • Real Deal: $90.00

  • Children (5-10):
  • Retail: $50.00

  • Real Deal: $45.00

Taboga Island One Day Tour

Taboga Island One Day Tour

Discover more of the culture and intriguing history that surrounds Panama City in our Taboga Island One Day Tour to the Pearl Islands! Take a break from the traffic and glide away from the skyscrapers on our Taboga Island Express Fast Ferry to one of the best beach breaks in Panama.

  • Adult:
  • Retail: $65.00

  • Real Deal: $65.00

  • Child (4-12):
  • Retail: $49.00

  • Real Deal: $49.00

San Blas Islands One Day Explorer

San Blas Islands One Day Explorer

Dreaming of exploring deserted islands with coconut palms & perfect crystal clear turquoise waters all with the guidance from Panama’s Indigenous Guna Yala? If you are looking for that perfect mix of culture & adventure, our San Blas One Day Tour is perfect for you!

  • Adult/Children:
  • Retail: $150.00

  • Real Deal: $140.00

Kayaking Lake Gatun, Panama Canal & Monkey Island

Kayaking Lake Gatun, Panama Canal & Monkey Island

There is no better way to connect with nature than to glide in silence on your own kayak listening to tropical wildlife in their natural habitat while navigating through dense jungle canals.
Length: 6.5 hours.
Includes: Transportation, Fees, Guided Hike, 4 Hour Kayaking Tour.

  • Adult:
  • Retail: $150.00

  • Real Deal: $143.00

  • Children (6-12):
  • Retail: $81.00

  • Real Deal: $77.00

Panama Canal Partial Transit

Panama Canal Partial Transit

Get up close and personal with what is arguably the greatest feat of engineering on Earth, and still make it back by dinner! This partial transit of the Panama Canal offers a trip through 2 of the 3 locks, giving you a great feel for this storied landmark.

  • Adult (Low Season):
  • Retail: $135.00

  • Real Deal: $127.00

  • Child (Under 12):
  • Retail: $85.00

  • Real Deal: $83.00

Panama Canal Full Transit

Panama Canal Full Transit

If you’ve got a Bucket List item to check in Panama, it’s probably a full crossing of the Panama Canal. And no one brings this famous and storied trip to you with more attention to detail than they do on this full day excursion.

  • Adult (Low Season):
  • Retail: $180.00

  • Real Deal: $175.00

  • Child:
  • Retail: $95.00

  • Real Deal: $93.00

Panama City Boat Rentals - 27' Proline

Panama City Boat Rentals - 27' Proline

Customize your own 8 hour private boat charter in Panama on our fast and fun 37´Proline Cruiser. This is the perfect Panama City boat rental for families and small groups up up to 9. Choose from a short 4 hour Panama Bay boat tour, a 6 hour sport fishing trip to Taboga Island, or a full day of exploring Panama's famous Pearl Islands!

  • 4 Hours:
  • Retail: $480.00

  • Real Deal: $450.00

  • 6 to 8 Hours:
  • Retail: $720.00

  • Real Deal: $680.00

  • 8 Hours:
  • Retail: $1,152.00

  • Real Deal: $1,100.00

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