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From the concrete jungle to the actual jungle, one of the eco-friendliest ways to discover all that Panama City has to offer is with our incredible Panama Bike Tours!

Panama City is a thriving metropolitan capital with a new skyscraper going up seemingly every day. The winding Bay front Cinta Costera (Coastal Beltway) makes for a perfect bicycle tour route with a separate bike lane and gorgeous views at every curve. Locals can be seen riding their bikes along the Cinta Costera daily and every Sunday the main street, Balboa Avenue, is closed for bicycle use only! Needless to say, we think Bike tours in Panama should be part of everyone's bucket list.

Enjoy sight-seeing while getting a workout on the Ancon Hill bike tour through the former U.S. Military Zone on Cerro Ancon. Or choose to ease your way through Casco Viejo’s winding streets and breath-taking architecture with photo ops at every corner on the Casco Viejo bike tour. Pedal your bike along the Amador Causeway, which was built from rocks excavated during the construction on the Panama Canal, and drink in an unforgettable view of Panama City’s skyline from Flamenco Island on the Amador Causeway Bike tour. There is a bike tour in Panama for all fitness levels and interests.

If you really like to ride on the wild side, we also offer adrenaline-pumping Mountain Bike Tours in Panama that are sure to get your heart racing! These Panama mountain bike tours depart daily from Panama City and thrill-seekers will rejoice with 3 different options for all mountain biking skill sets.

The Real Deal Tours keeps safety as our number one priority, and we are passionate about bike tours in Panama City. Let our guides show you how to bike around the city, then maybe you can rent a bike and explore on your own. Browse through the variety of Panama City Bike Tours we offer and book your discounted tour today!

Panama City Bike Tours

Amador Causeway Bike Tour

Amador Causeway Bike Tour

The perfect eco-tour for the whole family, this bike tour in Panama is perfect for all riding skill levels and ages. Join our Amador Causeway Bike Tour and cruise your way through the history of causeway built to protect the Panama Canal.


Retail: $65.00

The Real Deal: $60.00




Casco Viejo Bike Tour

Casco Viejo City Bike Tour

If you love biking tours, Panama City offers you a real treat. Our Casco Viejo Bike Tour takes you to the heart of Panama's World Heritage site of Casco Antiguo. At just 5km round-trip, this biking tour in Panama is perfect for the whole family to enjoy!


Retail: $65.00

The Real Deal: $60.00




Panama Mountain Biking Tours

Cocoa Plantation Mountain Bike Tour

Cocoa Plantation Mountain Bike Tour

One of our favorite hiking, biking & wildlife trekking trails, the Cocoa Plantation Mountain Bike tour is easily Panama mountain biking at its best! Join our expert mountain biking guides for the ride of a lifetime in Panama!


Retail: $110.00

The Real Deal: $105.00




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